Long Night of Arts and Innovation

On October 12th 2017, WTS IE’s Transportation YOU committee participated in the City of Riverside’s Long Night of Arts and Innovation, where the best STEM and creative arts projects were showcased from the local universities and school districts around Riverside, and the most innovative technologies were presented from leading companies like Bourns Inc, Siemens, and SolarMax Technologies. WTS IE’s Transportation YOU team presented “Designing Your Own Freeway Interchange” activity that allowed participants to create their own makeshift freeway ramps using pipe cleaners, Styrofoam boards, and clothes pins. The younger audience also participated in a sign making station, where they could create their own traffic signs on pre-made sign cut-outs using markers and a little imagination. Many of the visitors who came by the booth were curious to learn what we were about, and because of that, all different ages participated in the interchange activity, even adults! Some kids even came back to the booth to try and build an interchange for the second time. Overall, the Long Night of Arts and Innovation was an amazing showcase that allowed Transportation YOU to connect with the community and to have fun while doing it.

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